Thu. Jun 8th, 2023


It all started when Mr. Gilbert and Ms. Sweety met. Mr. Gilbert is from Dalig Viejo, Burgos and Ms. Sweety is from Binarsang Reina Mercedez. They met each other because of their cousins which is Mr. Doming is the cousin of Mr. Gilbert and Ms. Neneng which is Ms. Sweety’s cousin. Mr. Gilbert started courting Ms. Sweety for two months, walking from Dalig to Binarsang is the only way to get in Binarsang, Mr. Gilbert patiently courted Ms. Sweety also the family of Ms Sweety, they dated for months and get married in the year of 1999 and started their life as Mr. and Mrs. Abon at Dalig Burgos Isabela. In the Year of 2001, October 28 a baby girl was born and named Angeline Martinez Abon, yes I am their first born child then followed by my brother Herbert Martinez Abon at the Year of 2003. At the year of 2004 my mother decided to go abroad for 2 years, I was 3 years old back then, so my father became our mother and father for 2 years. When I was 5 years old I was send at Dalig Elementary School, in my Kinder I go to school without any parent or guardian like others has, I can see how the other kids happy around them, a part of me made me sad that time. So I stand up all by myself without a parent or guardian at my kinder days. I spent my 7 years of studying at Dalig Elementary School. I met my friends and the bullies in this school level. I always going home crying because of bullies. I think this is one of the reason why I interact people way back then. Imagine a group of people making fun of me giving me insults, I can’t fight for myself because of their number, if you will fight back to them they will always do it to me.I spend my Junior High at Dona Aurora National High School, where I made memories with new environment, new people, and friends that didn’t last after our moving up. I had a bestfriend that I met in grade 8, I thought she’s that don’t give attention to a person like me, but then, we became friends for 3 years. It didn’t last, why? Because of other student that we interact with, they are the reason why I end up not to be her friend anymore. It always makes me sad everytime I remember what happened that time, that I lost a friend that is genuine. I spend my 2 years of Senior High at Aurora Senior High School and I enrolled Accountancy Business and Management and met my best friends who’s until now and I am so grateful that I have them. I met these friends of mine because of what we join, the Futsal which is the sport that give us time to know them more, to have some moments that we will not forget. We may have fights but it didn’t last longer, we just smile and laugh what we are arguing with. We spend time when we don’t have classes like going out, going to our friends house which we do whatever we want, like eating foods, singing at the top of our voices, laughing our joke this bond that I think that it will last longer or forever though. Covid 19 came and it is uneasy for me, for us, DOH gave us limits on what we do, not like before we can go wherever we wanted , what we want and also to do. I can’t spend time with those person I love, those person I want to talk to. Yes, we have social medias but it’s so different if you’re with those people. I only go out if needed like, buying our basic needs. Then school enrollment comes, that time I decided to stop for a bit in schooling because if the situation that we had at the year 2020, I thought that the virus won’t last longer, like it is just a normal virus that can’t kill millions od people. When my cousins knows that I will stop for a while in studying, she got angry to me, she said that I should continue studying even though the situation is hard. So entering at our college life as a BS Information Technology student is not that easy, especially to our subject that I can’t understand that well, even though the teacher teaches us well, my mind can’t concentrate because of time management for school and household chores, that is in my first year of college online class, but now I can handle it. Now I am currently Second year at the age of 20 looking forward to my self. Now that I am done telling about my childhood up to now, let’s talk about what I love and favorites. In terms of what I really love to do is watching movies or series especially anime from Japan, that is also my stress reliever, while watching I eat my favorite snacks and drinks which is sweet foods or sometimes I only drink my black coffee, I love coffee more than anything, that’s why I get nervous easily. When I am not in my mood on watching I listen music , I read books or taking pictures. I am not that fun of going out with unless my friends ask me, yes I don’t like hanging out with other people who’s I’m not closed with. I love being alone it’s more peaceful. In reading books I usually read at wattpad, I read Humor, Thriller, and action, I love reading about these. I love the works of AkosiIbarra which he writes about Mystery, one of my favorite book that he write before is the Project Loki. Also I am fan of Maxinejiji which she wrote the He’s into her. In music I love the voice of LANY, Ed Sheeran, Charlie Puth, and Billie Eilish. Their voice makes me calm, that’s why I love listening their Songs.

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